Friday, September 30, 2011

NEW HORIZONS: Swim designs of the jet age

Jantzen partnered with Pan American World Airways to promote global glamour with the only American jet airliners flying at the time. The revolutionary era of passenger jets was born and with it exciting fashions for exotic destinations. The ad combines the stunning International Set, a collection of swimsuits from Jantzen design studios on five continents with Pan Am ports around the world and a promise to any beach in minutes.

Each swimsuit represented its country of origin; each airliner was identified by name, call signs and a blue globe logo. Credited with cutting edge innovations, Jantzen and Pan Am were industry leaders and icons of the 20th century...a jet age dynamic duo.

Women’s Wear Daily, August 27, 1958

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Stork Club Orchids

Before the Playboy nightclub chains, the Stork Club in New York was the epitome of American elegance and sophistication for night life. From 1929 until 1965 the club was the icon of American culture. It became the symbol of the elite of cafe society as movie stars, celebrities, showgirls, aristocrats and the wealthy mingled together.

In 1945, the movie, The Stork Club, was produced starring Betty Hutton, Barry Fitzgerald and Don DeFore. In a series of studio tryouts the above models were selected as “the Stork Club Orchids” to appear in the movie in a fashion show sequence. For their daily work out they can be seen wearing the 1945 Jantzen swim line reflecting their status with the latest in styling and glamour.