Monday, October 31, 2011

Black Magic at it's BEST!

In wicked raiment and Jantzen suits called “Wonder Girl”, more enchanting witches would be hard to find. Switching from broomsticks to broomskiis they are seen in a water review casting a spell on the crowd at Cypress Gardens, Florida in 1954. For decades, Jantzen was the official suit of the Gardens, worn by celebrities, staff, for photo shoots and events.

Wickedly Spellbinding!

A sorceress mermaid casts her magic spell wearing an alluring suit of Lastex faille called “Olympus”. Her supernatural wand is disguised as a broomstick to avoid suspicion. The photo is by legendary Silver Springs underwater photographer Bruce Mozert.

The suit, produced 1959-1964 is by Jantzen of course...

Happy Enchanted Halloween!