Friday, May 6, 2011

Family and the green suit, will go on forever.

There are some things about childhood that make a lasting impression...a favorite person, a nostalgic time, indelible memories. Aunt Virginia’s green swimsuit is a classic example. “Old Green”, as the article by Penny Ward Moser mentions, was worn year after year, decade after decade dispensing tireless consistency and love. The beloved suit became the symbol of stability and was cherished by a third generation in the hopes that the “family and the green suit will go on forever”

Made of nylon Moire for fast drying, this featherweight suit could face any situation. Jantzen produced the “Postage Stamp” in 1953, so named because “that is about the size and weight of it in the hand”. It is a swimsuit powerhouse, beautifully shirred and stylish today with a glamour legacy for eternity. National ad illustrated by Pete Hawley.

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