Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding

In anticipation of the royal wedding the photos of William and Catherine on London buses recalled this image of the double- deckers from by gone era. The iconic Diving Girl has displayed a strong presence in London since the construction of the Jantzen Plant on Great West Road in Brentford in 1929. The illuminated exterior of the building featured her in neon and was a landmark for decades. A description and image of her on the building appeared in Anthony Powell's novel "Dance to the Music of Time" and in recent years in a display at the Wallace Museum in London. She can be seen in Jantzen ads in "Punch", "Sketch" and "The Tatler" as far back as 1929. The Diving Girl adorned London buses throughout the 1930s as pictured here and reappeared on them again in the early 1990s and also on miniature replicas produced by Jantzen.

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