Friday, March 25, 2011

In honor of Elizabeth Taylor

In her honor we present this lovely photo of Elizabeth Taylor. It appeared in Photoplay Fashions in 1951 to advertise her latest movie “A Place in the Sun”. She wears a white pique beach dress over a coral Jantzen swimsuit for her role in the movie. The cover up was designed by academy award winning designer Edith Head. The stunning suit worn by her is appropriately named Shirr-Fire and was part of Jantzen’s 1950 line. A classic suit worn by a classic beauty...both elegant and timeless, the epitome of timeless glamour.


  1. beautiful...I loved her style and I love the 50s style bathing sutis for women. I've been watching a lot of 50s surf films and I am now no the hunt for a one piece 50s style suit to surf in. Thanks for continuing the style, grace and fashion of this wonderful era.