Friday, March 5, 2010

Zehntbauer Sisters Visit Jantzen Headquarters

Jantzen welcomed special guests this week, the Zehntbauer sisters. Evelyn, 95, and Jane, 90, are daughters of Roy Zehntbauer, who co-founded the brand with Carl Jantzen. They visited the Jantzen headquarters in Portland on Wednesday – the same office the brand has inhabited since 1929. The sisters were in attendance to help shoot a promotional short video for the Art Institute of Portland, which is hosting an exhibit showcasing Jantzen’s timeless glamour throughout the past decades. Jantzen, celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year, will have archives and nostalgic pieces on display now through April 30th.

The Jantzen video will highlight the heritage of our brand and its history – displaying images from the first five decades. Evelyn and Jane were nice enough to join us in the celebration and we were so happy to have them be a part of such an iconic piece of history! They shared their personal memories, family stories, and gave insight into the company history. Their cousin Fred Cormack also joined them. They met and visited with the company staff who presented them with gift items including a vintage Diving Girl pin, used on the glamorous suits of the 1950s.

Check out “Celebrating 100 Years of Timeless Glamour” when it opens on March 11th. The exhibition runs through April 30th.


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  2. It would be great if some of the items used in the exhibition were posted here for those of us unable to attend the exhibition.

  3. Just wanted to post and correct that Evelyn and Jane are daughters of John Zehntbauer :) not Roy. I am Evelyn's grand-daughter. Love to see the beauty and grace of Jantzen kept alive, thank you! It is an American Icon :)

  4. I should clarify, Roy was Evelyn and Jane's brother and founding partner John's, son :)