Friday, February 18, 2011

Swim Cap Glamour

Jantzen’s® earliest swim caps in the 1920s were knit of wool worsted yarn in shades that matched the color of their swimming suits. The intent was to protect the hair and keep water filters from becoming clogged as swimming pools became popular throughout the country. Gradually swim fashion began to dominate swim function and sparkling colors and striking styles began to emerge. The heyday was seen in the late 1950s as caps with colorful petals, flowers, ruffles and innovative designs came into vogue. The 1960s marked the last decades for demand of swim caps and by the mid 1970s they were no longer required for public pools.

The striking Head Swimmer cap that is featured here was produced by Jantzen® in 1960. It is a strapless cap with a contrasting flower and it retailed for $1.98.

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